All pieces are created with sterling silver and natural stones carefully selected and sourced.


Each piece is designed to be elegant and graceful so that it may be enjoyed in every season of life and last a lifetime.

Sterling Silver

All of Henderson Studios jewelry is crafted using ethically sourced sterling silver.

Who we are

Henderson Studios Jewelry is a small woman owned jewelry business in Lancaster, PA, featuring handcrafted sterling silver and one of a kind pieces.  

All of the jewelry is handcrafted with love and intentionality. I've been perfecting my craft and making jewelry since 1989. I love natural stones, especially turquoise, amethyst and boulder opals.

My favorite pieces of jewelry are large statement pieces that showcase incredible stones, as well as pieces that can be worn daily and match just about anything!


Our Goal

Our goal is for our customers to express their personal sense of elegance with high quality, handcrafted jewelry.